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Borrillo Baci Borrillo Baci Borrillo Baci
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The name Borrillo has always been associated with the production of 'Nougat Kisses', the delicious chocolate covered crunchy.

Borrillo's family was very great, since for each family there were twelve / fourteen children. Among all, and one who 'was the most distinguished was the Cav. Borrillo Innocent: man of great business with a passion for opera (still remember the age of 99 simulated quand on great occasions, to the delight of all babies at home Borrillo, the final lines of Tosca), father and six of eight living children died in infancy, in 1888 (only 18) he moved to Naples from "Caflish" notes pastry where he learned the craft. He returned to St. Marco opened a shop (still well preserved) created various confectionery products, including "Papa", "Queen", and others, but of these, nougats prevailed that he called "Kisses" (crispy bars covered with dark chocolate - 1891).
The product has received so much consensus, both at country and abroad, to push the rider to apply for registration of the mark obtained in 1923. The Baci Borrillo were also mentioned in the release of the Capital 12/1988.

Mrs. Anna Maria Borrillo is one of three heirs to the confectionery tradition began with her grandfather and is registered holder of a certificate of registration of the mark, released in 1993. A second mark was registered in 1998. Our tradition has ancient origins. Yesterday and today Borrillo Kisses are produced with the same passion as ever.