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Borrillo Baci Borrillo Baci Borrillo Baci

The name Borrillo has always been associated with the production of 'Nougat Kisses', the delicious chocolate covered crunchy.

The crunchy nougat "BACI" are a delicacy in San Marco dei Cavoti (Benevento) is produced since 1891. To realize it was the Knight Borrillo Innocent who called it "Kiss" because "eat the nougat is like being kissed by an angel."

Patience and love lavished on the production of this wonderful product are the secret ingredients that make this recipe an authentic masterpiece of taste.


Our specialties:
- Nougat Original Kisses
- Nougat Praline Kisses
- Nougat Lemon Kisses
- Nougat Classic Kisses
- Nougat Cafè Kisses
- Nougat Orange Kisses
- Nougat Coconut Kisses
A "sweet" story that has been handed down over the years.
A timeless goodness, the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship.
Borrillo Kisses a tradition that brings a smile to every home.